Are You Communicating about Social Justice too Harshly?

Individuals and organizations raising awareness about social justice issues may adopt one of two different approaches: harsh or gentle. One website may jar the senses with black and red block lettering then drive readers to tears with their emotive descriptions; their speakers might pound podiums and flash graphic images on power point slides. They believe…

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Story Time #5: Founding a Nonprofit Organization

Copy of Story Time Interviews (1)

This month, Love True launched its blog and invited me to join its crew of writers! For their first post, head blogger, Jackie, interviewed the founders (read Rebekah’s, Emily’s and my abbreviated responses at Founding this nonprofit was a fat milestone on my faith journey. God taught me to pray and to wait then to follow him…

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Jesus is the Bread. He is Enough at Life’s Buffet and His Commandments are Not Condiments.

is just a foretaste of the great banquet to come when we will spend eternity in God’s marvelous presence. We can not attend the great banquet in its fullness on this side of heaven, but God promises that if we believe he is enough to satisfy us forever starting today then we can experience abounding joy, abiding peace and abundant life here on earth as well. When we eat our fill of Christ only, we will never hunger for spiritual sustenance (John 6:35). Like the widow whose baking ingredients miraculously were never used up, Jesus will never wane (1 Kings 17). Like the manna that fed the Israelites for decades, Jesus will never subside (Exodus 16). The trouble is we do not always choose His bread at the spiritual potluck.

I don’t know about you, but after communion, I want more bread. Maybe it is just because I come to church hungry. No, not figuratively- like literal belly-rumble hungry. A little pinch of a loaf doesn’t satisfy my stomach. I feel immature when my hunger for more bread interrupts my thanksgiving prayer for God’s metaphorical…

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#WomenNotObjects. Does Sensual Marketing Fuel Sex Trafficking?


The now viral #WomenNotObjects video highlighting ads that objectify women was posted on January 11- that’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Coincidence? Probably. But a link between sexual advertising and sex trafficking is hard to deny. The video’s creator, Madonna Badger, is a executive at Badger & Winters, an advertising agency that has committed to never…

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Linking Childhood Sexual Abuse to Sex Trafficking

I can sense their insecurity and I know where it comes from. (4)

Most people reading this article already know about and maybe even advocate for victims of sex trafficking. But many readers do not know about its correlation to childhood sexual abuse. Indeed, no other factor increases a girl or boy’s vulnerability to trafficking more than the memory of such abuse. [1] According to a report by the…

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Story Time #4: Mommas Care for Many Needs, But Who Cares for the Mommas?


My friend, Sue exemplifies the godly advice to “love the people in front of you.” Every week, she hosts a playgroup for over seven mommas and their toddlers. Sue meets an often unspoken but critical need for moms of littles: fellowship and rest.  Fellowship: Women need fellowship. Talking actually makes us happier. But for many moms in the babies…

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