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  1. Hi Heather,

    I organize our women’s serve day and am hoping to help the women discover their personal missional living style. I am writing to ask permission to quote or use one or two of the round icon on your article here:
    for my women’s bible study group. It will be a one time use during our group meeting with a presentation. Please let me know. Thank you!
    Amanda Moore

    1. Amanda,

      Definitely. I would love for you to use any of my content to encourage women any time. I only ask that you mention me and provide them with my web address when you do so. Thank you for asking.

      I’m excited about your Bible study and serving day! What a great mission God has given you- helping other women find their mission. 🙂 I hope both go wonderfully. Let me know how they went afterward if you think of me. Also, if any questions come up that you think should be addressed in a future post, please send those my way. I want so much to be helpful to women.

      (side note: If you like books, I read Restless by Jennie Allen last year. If read prayerfully and humbly, it can be immensely helpful in discovering callings- it was for me.)


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